What Virtual Event Format is Right for You?

Virtual events are a powerful marketing tool. MC2 found that 81% of brand and event marketers plan to make virtual events a core part of brand experiences moving forward. So with the majority of companies shifting to virtual, how does your brand stand out to make sure the right audience registers and attends? 

The format of your event can play a major role in your event’s success. Below is a list of virtual event formats to consider when developing your future virtual event strategy.

Multi-Day Conference

A multi-day conference hosted on a virtual platform. Sessions can include keynotes, industry and/or topic tracks, best practices, and networking. Sessions can be live or pre-recorded. 


One-Day Conference

A one-day conference is a 3+ hour virtual event with multiple speakers and tracks. The sessions can be live or pre-recorded. 



A 30-minute to one-hour virtual event that can take on a variety of formats including:

  • Thought leadership
  • Customer case studies
  • Panel discussions
  • Fireside chats
  • User groups

Webinars can include polls, chats, and Q&As to encourage attendee engagement.


Happy Hour

An hour event where participants can have casual conversations, ask questions, and learn more about your company. Hosts can send food and beverages to participant’s homes and/or offices ahead of time.


Demo and Activity

A virtual event pairing a demo & instructional session with a group activity such as wine tasting, cooking classes, or dinner. 


Lunch & Learn

A virtual opportunity for your audience to get a closer look at your product and converse with product experts over lunch. Hosts can send lunch gift cards to their registrants before their Lunch & Learn takes place.



A virtual discussion where all attendees have the opportunity to participate and share their insight. The events are often smaller in size, about 5-20 participants. The discussion is moderated by a subject matter expert that engages with attendees throughout the session.


Have you tried an event format that’s not mentioned here? Tell us about it! [email protected].

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