Episode 1: How Marketing & Customer Success Work Together

In our kickoff episode of the Banzai Pipeline Podcast, we kept it close to the cuff. Banzai CEO sits down for a real-talk interview with Sergei Dolukhanov, our superstar head of marketing and customer success. Sergei dons these two huge hats with grace and intention, so we wanted to know the inner workings of his process. Our conversation brought out the goods. Along with Sergei’s tips for personally excelling in the whirlwind of startup life, he shares how to push a new company forward. He offers insights on:

  • The major differences between process within big-company and startup environments
  • How to stay organized in the fast-pace of a startup
  • The importance of teamwork to small company development
  • The value of face-to-face meetings
  • Why few (highly intentional) team meetings is the way to go
  • How good people are the key to success—and the qualities to look for

With almost a decade of startup experience under his belt, Sergei reveals the advice he’d have given his 2010-self (like poo-pooing naysayers). His is a valuable story in how the marriage of marketing and customer success is critical to business growth. Listen to to the Pipeline podcast with Sergei’s podcast here. Follow Sergei at @sdolukhanov and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Banzai partners with marketers to drive the right prospects and customers to attend their events. Our cutting-edge technology takes care of the prospecting, list creation, and outreach to invite and confirm event attendees. Marketing leaders trust Banzai to own the event registration and confirmation process, allowing them to focus on producing a successful, sales-generating event.

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