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Hybrid Events 101

With this year’s dramatic shift in the event industry, it is hard to imagine that we will ever go back to purely in-person events.

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The Ultimate Guide to Virtual Events

In the following pages, you will learn everything you need to know in order to plan and execute a successful virtual event.

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5 Ways to Attract More Attendees to Your B2B Event

[Infographic] 5 Ways to Attract More Attendees to Your B2B Event

These are our top 5 ways to cut through the noise and increase attendance to your upcoming field marketing events.

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Why Banzai Infographic

[Infographic] Why Banzai?

Discover why event teams trust Banzai to increase pipeline and scale outreach.

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Get the free Target Audience Guide

Defining Your Target Audience for Events

Learn how to use your current data to find better prospects for your next event.

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Attendee Profile Workbook

Attendee Profile Workbook

Create custom event attendee profiles in order to better understand and convert event leads.

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Event Risk Management Checklist

Event Risk-Management Checklist

Make sure there’s a foolproof plan for any possible hiccup with this handy event checklist.

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Get the Banzai E-book: Webinars that Work

Webinars that Work: Achieve Your Lead-Generation Goals

Learn how to develop a foolproof webinar strategy from start to finish that your audience will love.

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Event Follow-Up Checklist

Event Follow-Up Checklist

Close leads after your event with this helpful follow-up checklist.

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Event Marketing Toolkit

Event Marketing Toolkit

Get templates to help ease the event planning process.

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Webinar Marketing Plan Template

Get the template and learn how to create a webinar marketing plan.

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