By now, we are all dealing with the dreaded virtual event fatigue. Whether we’re producing events or just attending them, the burnout is real. A recent Banzai LinkedIn poll found that 57% of respondents receive  6 or more event invitations a week. So how do you produce events that stand out and get your audience to commit? During this discussion, panelists will share how they are combating webinar and virtual event fatigue. The conversation included:

  • Unique event formats to consider
  • Nailing down event timing
  • Different ways to think about your events


  • Timothy Calder, Senior Events Manager, Achievers
  • Laurel Ackerman, Director, Demand Generation, AtScale
  • Stephanie Worthington, Director of Events & Field Marketing, BigPanda
  • Kurt Bilafer, CRO, Banzai, Moderator

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